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My brother and I have always liked grilling and experimenting with sauces. At a large family gathering, while Greg and I were grilling, person after person kept walking up to us and stating how the chicken and steaks were  "good down to the bone!" After receiving more compliments than usual that day, we realized that we had achieved the taste of a delicious sauce!

Two Brothers Barbecue Sauce was born!  We decided to market the sauce for all to enjoy the taste and experience the joy of grilling with Two Brothers Barbecue Sauce.  The inviting aroma, the tenderness of your meats, good down to the bone taste, and all the compliments you will receive from your family and guest will leave wanting more!!!


Two Brothers brand barbecue products was founded in 1993 by descendants of the Mansfield and Arbell Howell family from Wilkesboro NC. Over the years, my brother and I have kept the Two Brother’s commitment to great tasting quality products.  Our products have been developed based upon the Howell Family tradition.


We here at Two Brothers have introduced “A Taste of Tradition” with our great tasting, versatile BBQ sauces and seasonings.  Our products are so versatile; you can use them on or off the grill.  We have a complete set of recipes to allow you to experience the great taste of  Two Brothers every day. From experiencing such positive feedback from our consumers all over North Carolina about our BBQ Sauce and Seasoning, , we feel confident that once you try Two Brothers BBQ Sauce you will want Two Brothers BBQ Sauce at all your family cookouts.


We are proud of our heritage and have committed ourselves to continuing the family traditions of producing the finest quality products and conducting business with uncompromising integrity.

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